Oklahoma community runs Westboro Baptist Church out of town

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Westboro Baptist Church car with two flat tires

You know how I love a good story about the Westboro Baptist Church, particularly one in which the WBC somehow ends up looking even worse than they already do merely by existing.

In the town of McAlester, Oklahoma on Saturday, the Church of Hate left a soldier's funeral with two flat tires… and the local paper reports that every mechanic in town refused to fix the flats. The WBC had been picketing the military funeral of Sgt. Jason McCluskey, who was KIA in Afghanistan, had stepped on the American flag and had small children hold signs like "Obama Killed Them."

This video doesn't really help put you at the scene, but it does feature a rousing roar from the sane people in the crowd when the Church members finally leave the area. If you look closely, you'll also be able to see the two flat tires: