Old German hippy busted with 6-foot marijuana Christmas tree

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German marijuana Christmas tree

In a story that sounds like it came from Willie Nelson's house, a fifty-eight-year-old German man, described as an "old hippy," was caught by police, after a tip-off, with a six-and-a-half-foot pot plant, decorated as a Christmas tree, in the living room of his Montabaur apartment.

The coppers seized the unusually pungent Christmas tree as "evidence," along with 150 grams of ganj willingly turned over by the man.  

The big happy tree was decorated with tinsel and Christmas lights, and, as the man told police, was to be decorated further, as well as have presents placed under it, according to tradition.  

The man faces possible prosecution for his poorly-camouflaged, hiding-in-plain-sight attempt at disguising das marihuana as Yuletide decor. Personally, I think the German narcotics officers should join the Dutch justice minister and those gangbangers at my proposed "weed summit" at The Hague. And maybe Mel Gibson could come along, and get a contact high off those positive vibes.