Old Navy sells gay pride t-shirts, but only in twenty-six stores

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Love Proudly shirts

It's pretty awesome to see a nationwide retailer get in on the gay-pride action. But it's also disappointing to find out that their LGBT support only spans twenty-six stores (out of over a thousand) in only sixteen states. Old Navy, everyone's favorite vendor of one-dollar flip-flops, is currently selling t-shirts with rainbow-colored messages like "Love Proudly" on them, and donating ten-percent of the proceeds towards the It Gets Better campaign. But they're only being sold at a fraction of their stores, mostly those in urban areas, leaving kids in Kentucky stuck with nothing but those garish American-flag tees.

So is this an attempt to avoid anti-gay boycotts from red-state America? Or are they just trying to cash in on LGBT-friendly regions of the U.S.? Neither, actually, at least according to the company. Old Navy says that like all new products, the t-shirts are enjoying a test run in several markets, and if they sell well, they'll likely be distributed at more stores. According to a message on their Facebook page:

While we understand your frustration at the limited numbers of stores that will carry this line of shirts, please know that this is a step in the right direction. With enough positive feedback, it’s possible that we will continue this tradition next year and have the product available in even more locations. Feel free to spread the word and have your friends send their positive requests to expand the availability!

Hmm, it's easy to be skeptical, but let's hope they stick to their word. America could surely use all the gay-friendly exposure it can get.