Actor Orlando Jones, probably best known as a former pitchman for 7-Up and original cast member of MADtv, has found himself under attack from angry tweeters after he himself tweeted last Saturday, "Libyan Rebels kill Gaddafi, if American liberals want respect they better stop listening to Aretha & kill Sarah Palin(:"

The smiley face at the end was apparently not enough to mitigate the ire elicited by Jones' call for mama-grizzly hunting. But rather than apologize, Jones met his critics head on, responding to about three dozen different tweets over the next two days, answering one conservative woman with the user name @Obamamamadingdo by writing, "Advocating? No. Demanding? Delusional. Poking fun @ liberals and getting a response obama mandingo...priceless(:" And to another critic, @tn4p, he wrote, "I regret to inform you that jokes do not qualify as violent rhetoric. your angry reaction and response however, does(: keep smiling."

And today Jones tweeted:

"Obama gets more death threats than any Pres in US history...sorry too real. Hey, Orlando Jones tweeted something inane about Palin! Get him!...My tweet was farcical not funny or a call to action. 100 bucks 2 the 1st person who can count the # of Palin jokes about killing Democrats."

And thus we see Jones getting the kind of attention he hasn't received since the 7-Up commercial days. As we've seen, the nature of Twitter allows for the facile dashing off of quick, unthinking brain droppings, which can prove hazardous to careers like that of Gilbert Gottfried, whose joking tweet about the Japanese tsunami cost him a lucrative gig as the voice of the Aflac duck. In this case, though Jones' joke is in poor taste, it's not quite the same as making light of an entire nation's misfortune following a tragic natural disaster. It's remarkable how Sarah Palin always manages to be in the news, even when she's not running for office.



Commentarium (13 Comments)

Oct 25 11 - 8:12pm

I guess he's too stupid to realize that emoticons go the other way... :o(

Kudo for the use of "brain droppings"... that's about all this guy's got to offer, sadly.

Oct 26 11 - 12:44am

Draw your attention to the placement of the colon. Clearly emoticons can go either way. Or did you actually think that was a frown?

Oct 25 11 - 8:34pm

I don't like this. As much debate that goes on between the two opposing sides, death threats are not cool either way. One side isn't more right than the other, and people seem to have forgotten that two wrongs don't make a right.

Oct 25 11 - 8:45pm

Not appropriate, not funny, not "farcical." I despise Palin, but I wouldn't want to see her murdered, and I wouldn't want people joking about her being murdered.

Oct 25 11 - 9:16pm


Oct 25 11 - 8:52pm

He may be right about the other death threats, but if he doesn't see how stupid and irresponsible and asinine he is, then he's stupid and irresponsible and asinine. Which he apparently is.

Oct 25 11 - 8:52pm

Orlando Jones' career is so bad, he literally can't get arrested.

Oct 25 11 - 9:34pm

Nice going Orlando, good way to make the Feds watch EVERY little thing you do now more closely. two thumbs up for being asinine and irresponsible and just plain stupid.

Oct 26 11 - 12:51am

While it's unfortunate to stoop to neo-con levels of humor, it was a joke. Whether or not people laugh is one thing but he has every right to crack wise considering what an obvious target Palin is. Honestly, I don't think people would bat an eye he'd just said Cheney or Karl Rove; I call reverse sexism. Killing dudes is funny but killing a woman -- no matter who she is -- is unacceptable?

Oct 26 11 - 10:48am

I don't recall any neocons joking about killing anyone. This type of hatespeech "humor" is squarely a liberal thing, this being far from the first.

Oct 26 11 - 9:15pm
Oh really

Obama gets more death threats than any president before him...and you think it's liberals? Hahaha!

Oct 27 11 - 1:26pm
It's Not Butter

How do we know this is accurate? Or is this just a perception? Is there an official in DC that tallies "death threats"? What counts as an official death threat? Do some presidents get posthumous death threats? Can I ring up Millard Fillmore's total with a bunch of tweets?

Oct 27 11 - 1:44pm

Posthumous death threats don't count. That's just beating a dead horse.