Our beloved late night hosts are receiving death threats

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Craig Ferguson

First David Letterman, now Craig Ferguson? What has the world come to when the America's biggest targets are old men who stay up late and crack bad jokes for our nation to fall asleep to? If you recall, last week, an active user on the Shumukh al-Islam internet forum directed American Muslims to "cut the tongue of the lowly Jew and shut it forever" in response to Letterman's bin Laden joke that he apparently did not find amusing. Letterman (not Jewish, incidentally) took a few days off and came back strong with more jokes, which you can enjoy here.

Less than a day later, an envelope arrived marked for Craig Ferguson at The Late Late Show, containing a threatening letter and white powder. The handlers of the envelope were taken into isolation, but later released when the substance was found to be harmless.

So while no one really knows why there's been this spike in threats to CBS late-night hosts, it seems no one really cares either. Ferguson especially, seemed to take the ordeal in good humor, stating simply, "It was a very scary situation. It was really frightening. My first concern, of course, was for my staff. And by staff I mean penis." Glad we're on the same page.