Pakistan delays ban on racy words like “athlete’s foot” and “glazed donut” from text messages

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Earlier this week, it seemed like the perverts' reign of terror was finally over when the Pakistan Telecommunications Authority (PTA) instructed the mobile-phone operators of Pakistan to block 1,695 offensive words and terms from text messages by Monday. But the operators have delayed plans to implement the ban, meaning citizens of Pakistan can still text about "deposits" and "tampons" with reckless abandon.

On November 14, the PTA told phone operators they had seven days to comply with their instructions, but apparently the operators are seeking "further clarification" from the group, since people find the list kind of, sort of, really ridiculous. "Obviously there are concerns and we have some reservations," Mobilink spokesman Omar Manzur said. "This regulation will be implemented only after mutual agreement between the PTA and us. We should wait until the end of this discussion."

Apparently the PTA isn't taking these statements too seriously, because they seem to think the phone operators are just catching up from the weekend. "There are still two days left to complete the seven-day period," Mohammad Younis Khan said.

If the ban actually goes into effect, basically any variation on George Carlin's "Seven Words You Can Never Say on Television" will be blocked, but it hardly stops there. A Google Doc which claims to be the list of offensive words also includes junior high insults like "barf face" (banned to police bullying?), IM lingo like "got2haveit" (banned to encourage proper spelling?), and slang like "hobo" (banned to discourage any chatter whatsoever of poverty and thus ideas of Occupy Pakistan?).

Obviously censorship like this is purely ludicrous, and shouldn't stand a chance. But I'm not going to lie: a legitimate rally for the right to text "monkey crotch" sounds like my kind of entertainment.