Pantsless editor denies being the Dov Charney of newspapers

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The staff at Philadelphia magazine must really be mourning the loss of their former boss Larry Platt, an editor with an alleged penchant for taking off his pants at the office and giving female underlings framed pictures of his testicles (don't click on that if you're eating lunch). In fact, it was the latter stunt that cost Platt his job.

The staff at the Philadelphia Daily News, on the other hand, are surely thrilled that he's now their managing editor, especially since the newspaper's own publisher is "assured… that actions of that kind will not occur at the Daily News."

If Platt sounds like the Dov Charney of print media, his former employees contend that he's more like a David Brent/Michael Scott; he reportedly enjoyed "tackling employees in the hall," "squeezing male employee's nipples," and asking people if they wanted to "see the guns." Here he is in what has to be the worst VitaminWater ad ever:

Platt, for his part, told Gawker, "You've got to be kidding me. These are absolutely untrue allegations by a former staffer or staffers with axes to grind." I wonder if he was even wearing any clothes when he made that statement.