Paparazzi mistake 66-year-old Debbie Harry for 25-year-old Lindsay Lohan

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Debbie Harry

Continuing a week of uncomfortable news for Lindsay Lohan, a throng of New York paparazzi mistook former Blondie frontwoman Debbie Harry for the actress. This is pretty much great for Debbie and kind of shitty for Lindsay, given the forty-one-year age difference there. Granted, one woman is remarkably well-preserved and the other is remarkably time-ravaged, but still. Yikes.

The mix-up comes on the heels of criticism that Lohan appeared way older than her age (not to mention unable to look away from her cue cards) when hosting Saturday Night Live this past weekend, and probably won't do much to help her live it down. But it actually seems like a pretty understandable coincidence: Harry (above) came out of the same hotel where Lohan had been staying in Soho, dressed almost exactly like Lohan had been the day before. Can she help it if photographers are waiting and she still looks that good?

Who knows, maybe Lohan will find a silver lining and leverage the mix-up into a role in some kind of Blondie biopic comeback project. Someone needs to make a Blondie movie, don't they? It's either that, or sit tight and wait out a week of stale jokes about her face on Twitter. Your move, Lindsay.