PETA ads banned from airports for being “too sexy”

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It's been a surprisingly quiet year so far for PETA (maybe they all accidentally ate chicken and converted), but they're making some huge headlines today with their latest ad. It involves body scanning, airports, sexy boobage, bras and a really roundabout reason to "go Vegan." Lookee here:

PETA Body Scan ad

The ad has been banned by JFK and La Guardia Airports in New York City and all Southwest Airlines terminals.

Bob Cilia, executive vice president of sales and marketing for JCDecaux North America [which manages the airport ads at JFK and LGA], told PETA that the company doesn't "accept nudity or political ads" and added that although he has seen ads that are more risqué, he was just following policy by rejecting PETA's ad. [Gothamist]

The obvious retort here is that there is far more nudity in today's body scanning devices than on this poster…