PETA models shower nude in Hollywood to promote vegan lifestyle

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The latest publicity stunt by PETA to mix sexy women with the promotion of a non-meat diet — since their vegetable-fellating Super Bowl ad — went down in Hollywood the other day, as two PETA models soaped themselves up and showered in a makeshift sidewalk booth, ogled by undoubtedly unconvinced carnivores, causing one distracted driver to rear-end a pick-up stopped at a light in front of him.

The lovely ladies were promoting a vegan lifestyle, and ironically wasting water to illustrate PETA's claim that by giving up a single pound of meat, Americans can save up to 2,463 gallons of water, or the equivalent of six months of showering. American Meat Association spokesman Jeremy Russell appeared to agree with the water-preservation angle, stating:

"Sometimes, when people do these sorts of carbon-footprint analyses, the obvious answer is the opposite of what they thought it was. Water use is actually quite expensive for meat companies. There is a constant pressure, an economic pressure on them, to become more and more efficient in how they use water."

I imagine the PETA porn parody can't be far off, featuring a Pam Anderson lookalike and a cucumber.