Philippine city attempts to set Guinness Record for mass circumcision

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circumcision cartoon

Ain't no party like a "circumcision party!" (Thank God.) I sincerely wish that I had coined the term "circumcision party" myself, but the credit for that goes to a group of doctors in Marikina, Philippines. Their little get-together was actually a mass circumcision aimed at offering free, safe surgeries to poor Filipino families that would otherwise turn to less sanitary alternatives.

Whether or not you are a proponent of circumcision, one must admit that providing people with better medical care free-of-charge is an admirable goal. However primitive or unnecessary circumcision may be, getting one done the right way by a doctor is much better than risking infection or worse.

The secondary goal of this shindig comes off as a little strange, however. Why would any city want to be recognized in the Guinness Book of World Records for giving the most circumcisions? More importantly, why is that a record worth keeping? I can't imagine much fanfare or tourism dollars would come of being the world leader in penile surgery. Then again, Marikina is the former holder of the Guinness Record for world's biggest shoe. So odd achievements might just be their thing.