Photographers warned not to take anymore shirtless pictures of President Obama

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Still sensitive about those shots of then President-Elect Barack Obama with his shirt off on vacation in Hawaii, the White House has warned the press pool traveling with the First Family that no long lenses or other attempts to capture Obama sans top would be allowed. The Obamas are currently snorkeling in Hanauma Bay Park in O'ahu, with the press being kept at a respectful distance.

The press faced a similar warning back when Obama visited Florida this year. From the New York Times:

…his aides kept news photographers far away from him while he was on the beach. Instead, the White House photographer captured him swimming with his daughter Sasha – and released a picture showing the president in the water, but only from the neck up.

“I’m not going to let you guys take a picture of me with my shirt off,’’ the president told reporters then.

The obvious flaw in this plan is the inevitable Streisand effect, in which bloggers like me will use the old shirtless pictures to illustrate this story, meaning more people will be seeing Obama shirtless today even without new photos. But still — don't worry, Barry! We like you shirtless.