Physicist Stephen Hawking is evidently a huge fan of sex clubs

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As the old businessman's axiom goes, when you work hard, you have to play hard. And seeing as no one works harder than Stephen Hawking, the renowned physicist who's trying to solve the mysteries of the entire universe while also dealing with the day-to-day hardships of living with a lifelong debilitating disease, it's no surprise he likes to play harder than most. According to "a source" for Radar Online, "playing hard" in this case means being a regular at sex clubs.

Apparently, another regular at the Freedom Acres swingers' club in Southern California has spotted Hawking quite a few times over the years. According to the spoil-sport: 

"He arrives with an entourage of nurses and assistants. Last time I saw him he was in the back 'play area' laying on a bed fully clothed with two naked women gyrating all over him."

Which, you know, is now an image you have in your head. So you're welcome for that. 

But the question remains: is this just Hawking taking a break from his number-crunching and exploration of time to just have a little brain-clearing time with some lovely ladies? Maybe it’s just Hawking spending the twilight of his life trying, once and for all, to solve the greatest mystery known to mankind: women.