Professor bans stuttering student from speaking in class

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stuttering student

You can get silenced for a lot of things in class: disruptive gossip, your obnoxious ringtone, laughing loudly at the word "duty." But Philip Garber was stunned when his County College of Morris professor told him not to speak in class because of his stutter.

Garber, who at 16 is a regular Doogie Howser, received an email from Adjunct Professor Elizabeth Snyder asking him to pose questions before or after her history class "so we do not infringe on other students' time." She also suggested he write down his answers to her questions during class and, just in case he didn't feel slighted enough, refused to call on him when he raised his hand.

Garber reported the incident to the dean, who convinced him to transfer to another class. Snyder hasn't responded to the story, but the college's communications director says they "have taken action to resolve Philip's concerns."

Professors of the world, before you shut down a stutterer, you've got to ask yourself one question. Would you silence Darth Vader? Well, would ya, punks?