Protesters occupy People magazine’s office over Ryan Gosling “Sexiest Man Alive” snub

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Sexiest Man Alive protest

While Occupy Wall Street pushes forward on its "Day of Action," other concerned citizens have taken to the streets in support of an actually important cause: Ryan Gosling's rightful claim to People magazine's "Sexiest Man Alive" title.

Backlash has been swift and vehement since the magazine's totally inexplicable decision to give this year's title to Bradley Cooper instead of high-profile, hyper-dreamy, beloved-on-the-internet Ryan Gosling. Today it went one step further, as a group of protesters "occupied" the streets outside People's offices, organized by Buzzfeed. 

More pictures of the protest over at Buzzfeed, for those of you who are truly invested in the cause. Brace yourselves for a crowd full of Ryan Gosling masks and a lot of "Hey girl…" signs. Grassroots organizing at its best!