israeli women soldiers

A study by the Tzomet Institute released this week called, “Forbidden sexual relations for the sake of national security” ruled that female Mossad agents are permitted to have sex with the enemy in cases where national security benefits from the encounter. Rabbi Ari Shvat explains:

 "There are occasional, lone cases in which female agents in our secret service initiate seduction in order to protect our nation's security. The question is: Is it permissible for the state to initiate and use forbidden sexual relations in rare and extreme cases, if that is the fastest and most efficient solution for getting necessary information or stop an act that endangers national security?"

He adds that seduction is “an efficient weapon” and gives examples where its use was employed to bring down "the most righteous amongst the righteous (King David), the wisest amongst the wise (King Solomon) and the strongest of the strong (Samson)."

Now, female Mossad agents don’t need prior approval from a rabbinical court before sexing up the enemy; the one vague caveat being that seduction isn’t kosher if its use leads to saving only “one” or “a few” lives. I’m guessing the cut-off is ten lives saved before God is cool with you fucking a terrorist.

But while seduction may now be Kosher, Rabbi Shvat recommends that only the already slutty among them need apply, stating that the job should “be given to a woman who in any event is promiscuous.”

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Oct 06 10 - 5:29pm

I'm all for slutty, promiscuous female secret agents. Apply within.

Oct 06 10 - 6:22pm

Doggy and then dropping a load on the Star of David tat would be worth foiling the mission for.

Oct 06 10 - 7:16pm

Who are the armed hotties in the picture? If that's the seduction squad, I am going to rat myself out as a possible terrorist sympathizer right now.

Oct 06 10 - 7:39pm

ten lives saved before God is cool with you fucking a terrorist? hilarious.

Oct 07 10 - 12:29pm

Is there a sliding scale (no pun intended)? That is, if it's ten lives for straight intercourse, is it more or less for oral? I figure you need to get up to about 30 for anal. At the other end (again, no pun intended), is it, say, one life for a handjob? A boob flash to prevent a sprained ankle? These rabbis obviously have a lot of time on their hands; they need to spell this all out.

Oct 07 10 - 1:28pm

I left Judaism because rabbis are idiots. Every time since then that I have heard from them, they seem to be not just remaining as morons but getting aggressively and creatively worse. Forever plumbing new depths in appalling moronosity, if you will.

Oct 11 10 - 3:11am
Ou Seng Saechao

God's Laws are absolute, you must be devil's boss, do not lie to your self or others! stupid dumb ass!