Rappers Paul Wall and Baby Bash get arrested for pot, make beautiful tweets about it

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Don't let The Man stop you from showing your grill, Paul Wall!

I know what you're thinking: "Two hip-hop artists get arrested for having marijuana on their persons? If I'd written a blog post about every rapper who got arrested for drug possession back in my day, the world would've run out of internet!" And it's true: ambitious hip-hop artists have to go above and beyond the standard baggie of weed to garner the media's attention. 

Paul Wall and Baby Bash's Sunday morning bust in El Paso, Texas, on suspicion of possession of less than two ounces of marijuana would've been a non-event, except the duo used their twenty-first-century minds and turned their arrest into Twitter rhapsodies. The pair, in town to perform at Saturday's Summer Jamm 2011 show, took to social media to announce their arrest. Wall ruminated over time, space, and fate —

Wall followed his tweet with a photo of him and Bash in the back of a police car, both in handcuffs.

Meanwhile, Bash, much like Machiavelli before him, philosophized on the the aims of authority figures —

Both rappers were released yesterday afternoon on $300 bond, so it seems their plight, and ours in turn, may soon be over. I, personally, would like to thank the El Paso County judge who released the pair. I'm not sure how I would've survived in a world where the artists responsible for "Suga Suga" — a song that I, covered in glitter and Dr Pepper-flavored Lip Smacker® lip gloss, first got felt up to — were in jail. It would've be a sure sign that the rapture had happened and this was hell on Earth. 

"Yo, throw yo 'cuffs up, this is gonna make an awesome twitpic.."