Real-life superhero stops carjacking in Seattle

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His name is Phoenix Jones, and he is one of several members of the Rain City Heroes, a group of costumed vigilantes who patrol the streets of Seattle. (I am not making any of this up.) You might expect them to be really ineffective at stopping crimes. It's probably not that easy to just come upon a mugging while out on a stroll, right? But Phoenix actually did exactly that! Sure, it was a carjacking and not an alien plot to invade our world, but I'm sure the guy who owned the car is pretty happy about it:

Obvious Question Number 1: How could he be anonymous if this news crew knew how to find him, where his secret room was, and followed him in to change?

Obvious Question Number 2: Why wouldn't you patrol at least in a group of two if you're part of a team?

Obvious Question Number 3: How long until one of these people gets stabbed?