Recession-friendly “pay what you want” dining is coming to Brooklyn

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In a nod to the recession, one restaurant owner in Williamsburg has decided to instate a "pay what you want" policy for her customers. Beginning on November 4th, the Santorini Grill will be offering what its owner Paula Douralas terms a "Greek Bailout," allowing customers to choose their price for meals.

The deal excludes take-out orders and alcohol, and while it's tentatively planned to last for one month, Douralas may extend the deal if all goes well. "If I can pay my rent and my electricity then I'm not going to stop it because I really feel we all need help. All of us. Except the millionaires. They need a baseball bat up the heads."

This is both adorable and an incredible deal, if a depressing reminder that the economy's probably not getting better any time soon. Can we please push for this to become city-sweeping, hipster-embraced culinary trend?