Republican Congressional candidate poses in his pj’s with lingerie models

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Pajama party candidate Blake Farenthold

Blake Farenthold is running as the Republican candidate in the 27th District of Texas against incumbent Democrat Solomon Ortiz. Does it help or hurt his chances in this year of challengers if Farenthold was photographed in his pajamas at a lingerie party with a bunch of sexy models?

The Republicans aren't even trying to bury the photos. In fact, they didn't protest when We The People ran the photo on their front page:

We The People PJ pic

The DCCC wants you to know that the other girl in the photo below is a minor. Not sure why that matters… it's not like she was 13.

PJ Party pic

Of course, if this guy was a black Democrat (named, say, Harold Ford, Jr.), Republicans would cast a blond model as a Playboy bunny in an attack ad designed to stir up racist feelings in white male conservatives. That's American politics, folks.