Rick Steves donates the $1 million he made from the Bush tax cuts

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Rick Steves, the entrepreneur and television personality best known for his travel guides used by moms the world over, is donating the $1 million he says he saved from the Bush tax cuts to charity.

Steves is the founder of the Rick Steves' Europe dynasty, which includes a travel agency, guide books, and television show. He said he's donating the money to a local arts center over the course of ten years to help the community and make a political statement.

"Over the last decade, my tax burden has decreased even as public funding for important local programs and institutions has been decimated — a trend I find alarming," he said in a written statement.

He called on other wealthy individuals to make similar donations.

"I see it as a civic duty for businessmen like me, who's [sic] directly benefited from our vibrant communities to do our fair share," he wrote.
The wealthy seem to be suffering a collective attack of conscience: Steves joins a group of professors at Yale and Cornell earlier this year who launched a similar campaign to get rich people to donate their tax breaks to charity. 

The whole thing may have been kicked off by billionaire super-investor Warren Buffett, who called for higher taxes on the rich in an editorial he wrote for the New York Times. Unsurprisingly, a lot of people have since been looking around and thinking that yeah, taxing the super rich or mega rich (or my personal favorite, ultra rich) seems like a pretty cherry deal right now, which of course is endlessly up for debate.