Ricky’s pulls sexy eating disorder Halloween costume from their stores and website

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Anna Rexia

Halloween has a way of bringing out the sexy side in everyone. Every conceivable costume from witches to ghosts to yes, even Sesame Street characters, become sluttified for one candy-filled day a year. This trend has hit a new low: meet Miss Sexy Eating Disorder, better known as Anna Rexia. Costume shop Ricky's has finally come to their senses and pulled the horrifically offensive outfit from their stores and website.

I'm not sure which is worse Ricky's for initially selling it, or the designers for creating it. The costume itself is just a short, clingy skeleton dress. With the exception of a tape-measure belt, nothing about it visually implies life-threatening eating disorder. Why they couldn't just call it "sexy skeleton" is beyond me. I guess that would lack not-so-clever wordplay and controversy.  But having the audacity to conflate deadly body-dysmorphic disorders with sexual imagery is the worst case of mixed messages possibly ever. Here's hoping Ricky's throws a sheet over their shame-hanging head, ghost-style, this Halloween.