Riots break out in North London

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Tottenham riot

Riots broke out in Tottenham, London last night after a quiet protest against the police killing of twenty-nine-year-old Mark Duggan turned violent. Witnesses report that trouble started after police beat a sixteen-year-old girl who had thrown a stone at them. 

The situation quickly escalated into widespread looting and fires (more images of the aftermath, below), as rioters threw Molotov cocktails and fireworks at police officers. One bystander told the BBC: 

“The police are hiding. I actually saw a group of police officers run through an alley away from a group of people that are running towards them. The police seem very frightened of the situation at the moment.”

Rioters were cleared early this morning and efforts at both cleanup and prosecution are now underway. A statement released by the Prime Minister's office simply read:

"The rioting in Tottenham last night was utterly unacceptable. There is no justification for the aggression the police and the public faced, or for the damage to property. There is now a police investigation into the rioting and we should let that process happen."

Authorities are also further investigating the circumstances surrounding Duggan's shooting, and a spokesperson for the Independent Police Complains Commission said, "We are still gathering evidence and will release further details about our progress with the investigation as soon as we can."

Tottenham riot 2

Tottenham riot 3