Hackers announce Rupert Murdoch’s death, through one of his own papers

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Rupert Murdoch

Last I heard, LulzSec — the international group of hackers — had retired (probably because half its members were about to graduate from high school). But apparently, this one was too good to pass up. The crew of cyber misfits hacked into British tabloid and Murdoch property The Sun and posted an article announcing the tycoon's death. Text from the (fake!) article is below: 

Rupert Murdoch, the controversial media mogul, has reportedly been found dead in his garden, police announce. Murdoch, aged 80, has said to have ingested a large quantity of palladium before stumbling into his famous topiary garden late last night, passing out in the early hours of the morning. “We found the chemicals sitting beside a kitchen table, recently cooked,” one officer states. “From what we can gather, Murdoch melted and consumed large quantities of it before exiting into his garden.”

It's a nice and timely prank. The Sun is a beloved target of LulzSec, which until today meant that they frequently tweeted not-nice things about it. It's also, of course, a sister paper of sorts to the now defunct News of the World. If you don't know what's going on there, you should read more. The hackers also claiming to have company emails that they are threatening to release.

Hackers can be really annoying, when their rage at the world seems dedicated to just pissing off normal people trying to live their lives, under the guise of some faux fuck-the-man activism. But to me, this is all in good fun — a little bit of joking with an all-powerful mogul. Also, palladium, to my knowledge, can only be used to make ecstasy. If the image of Rupert Murdoch tweaking himself out and then wandering around in his garden doesn't at least provoke a chuckle, well, then it's time for you to go home.