Sales of iPhone 4S and turtlenecks soar in the wake of Steve Jobs’ death

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It's certainly not unusual when products associated with a celebrity or public figure fly off the shelves in the wake of said person's death. (Just look at the spike in the sales of songs of Michael Jackson and Amy Winehouse in the immediate aftermath of their passing.) It's also not unusual for new Apple products to sell out fast. So, yeah, the iPhone 4S — initially seen as something of a letdown for, well, not being the iPhone 5 — is already sold out on pre-order, which it probably would have done no matter what:

Previously, the Apple Store had listed a firm delivery date for those ordering: October 14, or next Friday, which marks the first day that consumers will be able to get their hands on the company's upgraded version of the iPhone 4. Apple has since updated its online store to indicate that customers preordering the new smartphone – as of this article's writing – can expect their devices to be shipped in anywhere from one to two weeks.

In other words, the launch day stock is sold out – via Apple's online store, at least.

But you know what wouldn't have happened if Steve Jobs were still alive right now? The skyrocketing sales of clothing company St. Croix's "Cotton & Microfiber Classic Long Sleeve Mock," especially in black, which just so happens to be Jobs' preferred, and probably at this point iconic, mock turtleneck.

Sales more than doubled yesterday, the day after Jobs' death, according to the Minnesota Business Journal, and some stores have run out of them.

The black model is also listed as unavailable on the company's Web site, although you can order it in plenty of other colors. It costs $175. The company offered to donate $20 to the American Cancer Society for each one sold.

First of all, bravo to the company for offering a portion of the proceeds to charity; I imagine it feels strange to be so clearly profiting off of someone's death, so hopefully everyone benefits from that decision. But here is the thing: I'm sorry, but that's just not a good shirt. If you were my friend, and asked me if you should buy it, I would probably laugh and then swat it out of your hand. (Not really, that would be disrespectful. But I would guide it gently back to the rack.) And while Jobs was known for many amazing things, a fashion sense was not exactly one of them. So I guess my question is: why are people buying this thing, exactly?