San Francisco comes to its senses over circumcision ban

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San Francisco, as you may recall, has been bubbling over with foreskin-related tension, with "intactivists" (a term that grows less funny every time I read it) pushing for a ban on circumcision. Finally, it seems, normalcy has been restored — a judge recently issued a ruling calling for the ban to be pulled off the November ballot.

In case you haven't been keeping up on the most riveting political debate in decades, Lloyd Schofield, the gentleman who initiated the successful signature drive to qualify the measure for the November ballot, believes that circumcision is "painful and damaging surgery to an unwilling patient" that is costing the city "incredible amounts of money."

San Francisco Superior Court Judge Loretta Giorgi put forth a preliminary ruling on Wednesday saying the ballot measure calling for a ban on circumcision must be withdrawn. She cites the California Business and Professions Code, which prohibits local regulation of medical procedures.

The ruling is still tentative, and a hearing early Thursday did include Schofield's presence, but it's unlikely that Giorgi will change her mind, given the, you know, logic, of her ruling.

Considering that the battle escalated to the point where the stunningly anti-Semitic Foreskin Man comic saw the light of day, I'm shocked that things came to such an abrupt, ahem, head. 

Cheers to you, Judge Giorgi, for keeping San Francisco from becoming an even bigger caricature of itself.