Saudi woman charged with hate crime for spitting on Walmart customer

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Last Sunday afternoon, thirty-one-year-old Nuha Mohammed Al-Doaifi, a Saudi Arabian engineering student at Florida Institute of Technology, was pushing her fifteen-month-old son in a shopping cart as she prepared to enter a Walmart in Palm Bay (of course it's Florida) to do a little shopping. She apparently tried to go in through the out door, hitting her cart in the process, at which point a fellow customer informed her that she was going in the wrong door.

The next thing you know, Al-Doaifi spat in the customer's face, then tried to hock a loogie at another customer because he was too close to her. (The second target managed to avoid the saliva assault.) The woman was obviously under some stress. She was arrested and charged with a hate crime, after telling police that "Americans are pushing us around." A police report indicated that, according to her, Al-Doaifi was spitting on "white people" due to the shoddy treatment her people get in this country, and that she was compelled to do so by a higher authority.

Al-Doaifi was charged with battery and booked at the Brevard County jail. Her son was turned over to the boy's father, who told officers that Al-Doaifi was a recidivistic spitter, having given an FIT professor the sprinkler treatment only a few weeks prior. I think it's safe to say that Al-Doaifi won't be moonlighting as a Walmart greeter anytime soon.