Scarlett Johansson cell-phone hacker arrested

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The man who allegedly hacked into the email and cell-phone of over fifty people, including Scarlett Johansson — which led to nude pictures of the actress burning up the internet recently — was arrested this morning by the FBI on charges of identity theft and wiretapping (among others). Other victims of the hacking scheme, which involved first breaking into email addresses and then into phones and computers, include Mila Kunis and Christina Aguilera.

So, who is this massive creep and top-notch cretin? One Christopher Chaney, 35, of Jacksonville, Florida. According to the indictment handed down by the grand jury, it seems like Chaney acted alone in gleefully violating these people's right to privacy. (Such a go-getter, that one.) I assume it was gleeful, at least; Chaney never made any money off the pictures and information he received from his endeavors even though he shared much of what he found with online gossip sites. I could be wrong. Maybe he was really dour as he went about the whole thing, but somehow I just can't get that mental image to work for me.

Officials refused to say whether the sites that published the information he provided would face any charges. (I'm not a legal expert, but the site's would have to have known these were ill-gotten gains in order to be charged, right?) But Chaney faces twenty-six charges overall, and if he's found guilty, he could serve up to 121 years in jail.