Science says dogs are smarter than cats

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Science has done a lot of good things for society: Penicillin, heart surgery, pills that keep you from getting pregnant… the list goes on. Today, however, marks what will surely go down as the greatest achievement yet for lab coat types, because researchers at Oxford have definitively proved that dogs are smarter than cats.

As it turns out, the whole aloof thing that makes cats seem so wily in the first place actually worked against them, as an animal's sociability correlates strongly to its brain size. Increased social interaction actually requires animals to evolve with larger brains (not all that shocking when you think about it), meaning that friendly mammals like dogs or dolphins are really smarter than loner species' like cats. Now, one might argue that this news may not be as pressing as say, border conflicts in Korea, but it is the ideal fun fact to have ready when you run out of things to say to your extended family this weekend.