Science uncovers the world’s most effective hangover cure

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Black coffee

A group of scientists at Thomas Jefferson University in Philadelphia have spent the last couple months engaged in the sort of scientific learning that would have made our founding fathers proud: getting rats drunk and then figuring out how to make them perk up. After months of study, the answer is simpler than you'd expect — coffee and aspirin. 

That's correct. No raw-egg-and-horseradish slushies, no hair-of-the-dog. Two aspirins and a cup of black coffee. Apparently the caffeine in the coffee and the anti-inflammatory medicine in regular old aspirin were proven the best combatants of the toxic chemicals in alcohol that cause your hangover. 

Which, I have to say, is more than a little disappointing. Not just because it ruins all my excuses for greasy morning-after breakfasts with beer, but because it's so simple. So expected. What's next, scientific evidence that the best way to lose weight is just to eat less and exercise more?