Scientists discover remains from 1823 shipwreck that inspired Moby Dick

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Moby Dick

In an unexpected piece of nautical news, marine archaeologists working north of Honolulu have discovered the wreckage from an 1823 expedition by captain George Pollard, whose epic encounter with a sperm whale just two years prior had inspired the book Moby Dick. Who even knew they were still looking?

The ship, called The Two Brothers, hit a coral reef during a storm and sank 188 years ago, and though much of the ship has since disintegrated, divers have been able to recover a number of harpoons, a hook that would have been used to strip blubber off of a whale, and several cooking pots and cauldrons (like the one pictured below) in which whale blubber would have been turned into oil. "We had the opportunity to find something that's probably as close to being a time capsule as we could get," said the leading archaeologist  on the search. The artifacts are set to be shown at a museum in Hawaii, and may eventually make their way to Pollard's native Nantucket.

George Pollard cooking pot