Scientists brainwash consumers into buying magazines about scientists

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Bill Nye the science guy can brainwash you into buying science magazines.

From the New York Times' Mad Scientist Media Decoder beat comes the chilling news that neuromarketers can trick consumers into buying magazines they might not have bought otherwise. 

British magazine New Scientist hired NeuroFocus, of which Lex Luthor is not president, to select a cover for its August issue that would most appeal to human brains. Using electroencephalography, which measures brain waves and wins Scrabble games, NeuroFocus correctly determined that an "emotionally involving" red title and an image that provides "limited distractions" would increase magazine sales.

Neuroscience made people buy New Scientist magazine's August Issue.

The deputy editor of New Scientist reports that the issue sold 12% more than the same issue from last year, thus confirming what we already suspected: the only thing that can save the print industry is some very complicated science.