Seattle cops ticket drivers who honk in support of protesters

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Occupy Seattle protester

Honk if you love granola. Honk if you love baby animals. Hell, honk if you love Jesus. But whatever you do, don't honk if you love Occupy Seattle protesters, unless you love getting tickets. Cops are now fining drivers who beep along in solidarity with protesters currently camped out in Westlake Park. Sure, there's no denying that honking can be annoying, but it's kind of hard to isolate a person's reason for doing so, like it could be for driving-related purposes. Ever think of that? 

Cab driver, Ayad Agila, was shocked to learn he has to pay $144 bucks for tooting his horn in protest. He's going to try and fight it in court. But in the meantime, protesters are trying to warn the public not to honk, as it'll cost them more of their hard-earned dollars (though I guess it's better than getting pepper-sprayed?). Oh, the price of voicing dissent.