See twelve high-fashion models unretouched, without makeup

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To celebrate the opening of the London branch of Viva Models, twelve high-fashion models sat for photographer Scott Trindle over the last year. And according to Trindle, the models were shot without makeup or professional hair styling, and the photos weren't retouched. As Trindle told Vogue UK:

It doesn't scare me that the images aren't retouched, it adds another layer of interest and intrigue. I'm as guilty of a slight polish in post as any… So much can be adapted in post, and so I suppose the main benefit is its purity.

I still feel a touch of that self-satisfaction that comes when those in the fashion world throw the tiniest of bones to those who point out the industry's problems with retouching or never using models of color or any size beyond super-skinny. A kind of, "Look, we did one shoot like that! And it is beautiful! But we're never going to do it again" mentality. And how do the models look? Like people. Skinny people with good bone structure who know their angles and how to give good face. Because they're models. I think we can deal with seeing their pores, right? Here's '90s supermodel Kristy Hume:

And Natalia Vodianova:

And Raquel Zimmerman:

And lo, the world did not end. You can see the rest of the group — with super-close magnifying ability, in case you really want to search for their miniscule wrinkles — over at Vogue UK.