Segway company owner dies by driving his Segway off a cliff

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Men on Segways

Segway, Inc. company owner Jimi Heselden died this weekend after falling from a thirty-foot cliff while riding his Segway. Police have almost completely ruled out foul play — it's believed the tech tycoon lost control of the Segway near his British country estate and plunged into the river below. (Though, he couldn't have been much of a fighter to die from a thirty-foot drop into water — I'm sorry, these are just my feelings.)

Considering Heselden only acquired the company several months ago and lead a pretty philanthropic life helping the working-class residents in his hometown of Leeds, England prior to that, it's pretty sad and senseless accident. While you try to summon the correct balance of reverence and ironic detachment (trick: there is none), allow me to redirect you to a list of other products that have somehow lead to the death of their creators.