Shia LaBeouf handcuffed after gay slur prompts bar fight

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Remember when Shia LaBeouf was supposed to be the next Tom Hanks or something? He, like Hanks, had a squeaky clean nice-guy image, looked good in gray suits, and seemed averse to facial hair.

Well that was before we discovered that he's kind of a bad boy (and before we found out about Colin Hanks). And now it looks as though the unshaven, cigarette-smoking, car-crashing LaBeouf found more trouble over the weekend when he was involved in a bar fight that ended with him getting handcuffed by police.

To his credit, the dudes he fought were major assholes. According to a witness, it all started because LaBeouf, who was drinking with friends, just wasn't in the mood to glad-hand:

The guy on the other side of the fight says he tried to ask Shia for a photo but he refused. Later, when Shia came out of the bar, one of the guy's buddies tried to say hi to him but Shia told him to "get the fuck out of my way." So the guy said "don't worry, he's just a fucking fa**ot anyway." Shia flipped out, charged, and started "chest-bumping" him. Then the bouncer put Shia in a head lock and turned him over to the cops.

Nobody ended up pressing charges, though LaBeouf was reportedly punched in the face, which left him with a split lip.

But also, let's hope that he got mad because he doesn't like nasty gay slurs and not because he thinks being called gay is an insult.