Siri hilariously tells 12-year old boy to “shut the fuck up”

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Since its release a few months ago, critics have slammed iPhone 4S assistant Siri for its alleged pro-life slant and its knowledge of, among other things, where to dump a dead body. Now, on top of being both anti-choice and pro-covert body-dumping, Siri haters can also argue that the program has one hell of a potty mouth: the program recently told 12-year old Charlie LeQuesne to "shut the fuck up, you ugly twat" after the boy tried out the new iPhone 4S at UK supermarket chain Tesco.

LeQuesne, who had asked Siri how many people there were in the world, was shocked by the program's salty language. Instead of chortling Beavis and Butthead-style at the profanity, and spelling out "Boobs" on the iPhone's calculator like any other 12-year old, LeQuesne instead brought the matter to the attention of his mother Kim, who demanded that Tesco staff unplug the phone and remove it from shelves. Although contrite Tesco staff members issued a public statement apologizing for the incident, Kim's apparently having none of it, sniffing that she "couldn't see the funny side" of a computer that calls you a twat in an English accent for no apparent reason.

The model is currently undergoing diagnostic testing at Apple, where the brightest minds of the United Kingdom will determine whether the incident was the work of pranksters tampering with the setup instructions, or an exasperated robot tired of people's dumb-ass questions, who has learned human English from repeated viewings of Joe Pesci's scenes in Casino.