Smoking in the morning is twice as likely to kill you

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Tom Waits and Iggy Pop smoking

Scientists just found another reason to feel guilty about an early morning coffee-and-cigarette — apparently people who smoke first thing in the morning are twice as likely to develop cancer as smokers who wait even an hour longer into the day to light up. Regardless of the duration or frequency of their habit, the morning smokers studied had far higher levels of nicotine in their systems than other study participants.

Researchers undertook the study in hopes of determining why some smokers contract cancers and others manage to avoid it, and they may actually be onto something with this. "Smokers who light up soon after waking tend to smoke each cigarette more intensively," explained one researcher. "So the most likely explanation of this finding is that the sooner a smoker lights up, the more smoke is taken into the lungs, and the higher the level of exposure to cancer causing chemicals."

Next step: turning this new finding into a graphic, terrifying cartoon to add to the side of cigarette boxes.