Sock-folding robot brings us one step closer to robot-human sex

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I'm not sure if "sock-folding" is really the best descriptor of this robot, created at UC Berkeley, but "sock-putter-on robot" just sounds dumb. This is footage of a preliminary test of a robot designed, it seems, to assist people put on clothing. The "important" part of this video seems to be that the robot can recognize, after putting one sock on the (not at all foot-shaped) rod incorrectly, how to flip other socks around so they can go one smoothly. That actually does seem pretty impressive, as far as robot technology goes, though the day I need a robot to put on my own socks for me is probably the day I take all those pills I'll have stashed away. ("Save your pills" is a Ryan family motto. No joke.)

Of course, the actual important part of this video, as far as the Internet is concerned, is that this robot is totally giving that rod an HJ, you guys! Warning: this isn't exactly NSFW, but it is sort of… don't watch it with your boss. Let's just say that.

Juvenile? Most definitely. But will it help you get through that Wednesday afternoon slump? My money is on "yes."

Via Buzzfeed.