Someone mailed thirty-five pounds of cocaine to the United Nations

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UN Blow by Dave Herr

In what's probably terrible news for some sad, bumbling trafficker, thirty-five pounds of cocaine were delivered last week to the United Nations headquarters in New York. The unexpected shipment showed up in forged diplomatic pouches that were delivered to the U.N. mail room, with no specific recipient identified.

"Two suspicious mail bags were intercepted by the Security and Safety Service at the United Nations headquarters in New York," said the U.N.'s official statement. "The United Nations nor anyone located in the United Nations was the intended recipient of this delivery and the bags were not U.N. bags, diplomatic or other." 

Meanwhile, an anonymous U.N. official said that the packages came from Mexico City, and were most likely labeled with their (poorly forged) U.N. materials as a means of getting them across the U.S. border. Um, zoinks!

Probably no chance of them doing this poor kingpin a solid and just returning to sender, right? 

image by Dave Herr