Listen: Southwest pilot accidentally broadcasts homophobic rant

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A word of advice to all pilots: make sure your headset microphone is off before you rant about all the "gays," "grannies," and "fags" you work with. (What's a homophobic lunatic doing working in the airline industry anyway?) An unnamed Southwest pilot learned this lesson the hard way when his unsavory conversation with a co-worker in the cockpit was accidentally broadcast over the air-traffic-control frequency and into every other plane in the Houston area. He went on to complain about how ugly the chicks in the Houston area are — the ones who work with him won't even sleep with him. Yeah, I'm not sure why either.

Southwest suspended him upon learning about the incident back in March, but they let him back on the job after undergoing "diversity education," which we think is just corporate code for "keep your misogynistic/homophobic slurs to yourself." You can listen and marvel at the three-minute, expletive-laden rant for yourself and hope you never have to worry about this guy transporting you across the country.