Speed Plating is the dating craze for foodies with money to burn

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Speed Plating

We're all growing pretty tired of the speed dating phenomenon and its many gimmicky events. But before we put the whole thing to bed, there's one more that's very different from the others — and catching on: Speed Plating.

The "Plating" part should tell you it involves a (celebrity) chef, although, thankfully, he doesn't ask you to wolf down finger food while trying to get in a few one liners and not let a piece of shrimp drop out of your mouth. His "four-course, aphrodisiac-based meal" (as TimeOut New York describes it) is extensive enough that participants are allowed twenty minutes to get to know each other before you move on to the next course.

The $100 cover charge also includes champagne, cocktails and other fine lubricants, but it's really about the food, which founder Danny Boome (from TV's Rescue Chef) says gets the conversation started. He rounds up 40 singles, pairs them off randomly, and then has men blindfold the women and feed them the first course. Then they're on their basically on their own until the post-dessert boozer at the bar.

Unfortunately for most of you (assuming you're still interested after reading that), Boome is New York City-based for the time being. But he's been written up on blogs and for a feature story in Time, so we expect you to be hearing about Speed Plating spinoff events in your city soon.