Spike Lee incorrectly tweets George Zimmerman’s home address, elderly couple flee their home

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Okay, I'm being slightly misleading here. The individual responsible for originally tweeting the incorrect address is one Marcus D. Higgins, twitter handle @maccapone. He tweeted an address that belonged to one William George Zimmerman at Spike Lee, who promptly re-tweeted it to his 240,000 followers. 

Of course, the address proved to be wrong, because people that tweet under the handle "maccapone" and attempt to incite vigilante-style justice aren't known for their research or fact-checking skills. The people that actually live at that address are a cafeteria lunch-lady, seventy, and her seventy-two-year-old husband. The couple, who have since moved to a hotel, do happen to have a son named William George Zimmerman, whose car is registered to that address, but they're not related to Trayvon Martin's shooter.

Higgins initially responded to their son's request to correct the error with the charming "Black power all day. No justice, no peace," and an obscenity. Interestingly enough, even after multiple people called him on it (including, apparently, Lee himself), Higgins continued to maintain that he was in the right, tweeting that "THAT ADDRESS IS NOT WRONG THEY JUST WANT PEOPLE TO THINK THAT……" He has since begun apologizing in his trademark all-caps.

Spike Lee, for his part, quickly deleted his re-tweet. Today, as it turns out, he's been listening to "One (Is the Loneliest Number)" by Three Dog Night, so presumably, he's feeling melancholy, if not particularly chastened.

Anyway, what have we learned? Twitter is filled with people leaping to conclusions and saying stupid things, that as it turns out, are sometimes completely illegal, according to Twitter's rules of use. (tl;dr: it's illegal to tweet someone's home address.)

Also, something about racism.