Spray-On Clothing builds embarrassing fanbase in Spain

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Spray-on clothing model

We've mentioned (and probably made a good deal of fun of) this thing called Spray-On Clothing, a bubbling fad that we predicted would die a swift and widely-mocked death. Sadly, it has not gone away completely, as evidenced by a popular YouTube of a Guardian newspaper report out of Spain.

PopSci has the details and clip:

The sprayable shirt consists of short fibers mixed with polymers, dissolved into a solvent that allows it to be sprayed from an aerosol can or high-pressure gun, according to the Guardian. Torres can use wool, linen or acrylic fibers to change the texture of the fabric, the Guardian reports. The resulting fabric can be removed and washed with the rest of your laundry. [PopSci]

Don't like the color or feel? Simply dissolve it, using the same solvent, and start over.

As if women don't spend enough time choosing outfits. (Kidding!)

If you enjoy itchy, unattractive, super-thin clothing that appears to have been designed by a half-blind toddler, the Spray-On Clothing Line is for you.