Julian Assange OK Cupid

You know, Julian Assange really isn't so different from you and me — back when he wasn't busy tweaking plans to make thousands of classified documents public or allegedly having condom-less sex in Sweden, Assange was just another lonely internet user, looking for love. And trying to avoid "asian teengirl stalkers."  Such are the revelations from what appears to be his real OKCupid profile from 2006, before Assange had fully fashioned himself as an international man of mystery and when he still went by "Harry Harrison" as a pseudonym on the dating site, where he sold himself as such: "Passionate and often pig-headed activist intellectual seeks siren for love affair, children and occasional criminal conspiracy."

Aside from the unexplained quip about his underage Asian "stalkers" and a reference to what he deems his own "unusual presence," the profile is actually pretty run-of-the-mill, and thus probably real. It does, however, reveal Assange to be eighty-seven percent "slut" by the site's calculations, and gets a little awkward when he says that he spends his time "directing a consuming, dangerous human-rights project which is, as you might expect, male-dominated," and in the "I'm really good at" section writes, "A gentleman never tells." Ew.

But this wouldn't be an online dating profile if we didn't head straight for pics, and, lucky for us, this web-savvy individual didn't miss an opportunity to take some good old-fashioned Photobooth shots. Now really, how could international authorities stay mad at a face like this? Check the image below for a full screencap of the profile.

Julian Assange OKCupid


Julian Assange OK Cupid profile

Commentarium (12 Comments)

Dec 13 10 - 10:23am

sorry but I would have totally given this guy a test drive based on his profile, he's just enough of a dick

Dec 13 10 - 4:07pm

Well, hot (despite or perhaps because of the generalizing misogyny) though this is, it seems like a fake to me... the exact repetition of the academic disciplines enumerated on his Wikipedia-page doesn't help...

Dec 13 10 - 5:59pm

''a gentleman never tells''


really really?

Dec 13 10 - 10:38pm

Seems to be really obsessed with "spunk". That would explain a lot.

Dec 13 10 - 10:52pm

oh yeah, totally would have gone there. at least he can spell and is not tediously stalking me years later like, so whaddup. [/OKC...not the most socially adept basement dwellers out there]

Dec 14 10 - 10:38am

Uh! Yea! He seems interesting enough and got some mystery too! I think ild like mr harryharrison

Dec 14 10 - 1:04pm

I thought he looked familiar.

Dec 17 10 - 11:49am

Based on this profile, I totally would have gone for a drink with him. Maybe that's why I'm still single.

Dec 29 10 - 4:02pm

i dont get the criticisms. he has a dry and droll sense of humour-most profiles dont have the depth of the humour-let alone self -depreciating nudges! I guess you have to find the humour as attractive as i do.
makes okcupid look like i site i sadly missed out on! :) 'spunk 'also means courage and determination people!:) your'e getting 'distracted' because he looks good(spunky?) in those photos :).damn he is seriously sexing a lot of us up! :) the gentleman ever thrills. goodnight.hello cold shower hawhaw

Dec 31 10 - 3:21pm

the only profile i have ever read that shows brains and good pics :)i agree oohyeah

Feb 12 11 - 2:45pm

Totally would.