Starbucks ignores recession, sells stained t-shirt for $85

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Alexander Wang Starbucks shirt

Ignoring the fact that we're teetering on the edge of a douple-dip recession, as well as the fact that some of us spend our whole day trying to avoid spilling coffee all over ourselves, Starbucks is now selling an $85 t-shirt with a built-in coffee stain on it. 

In honor of the coffee giant's fortieth anniversary, Alexander Wang designed three t-shirts that will be sold at Nordstrom, most notably this one that features a design of a giant faux-coffee spill ending in the Starbucks mermaid.

Why anyone would shell out money that could be put toward eighty-five Dollar Menu items (or alternately a month's membership at New York Sports Club) is beyond me, but if you're dying to go through your day being lunged at with Tide To-Go pens, that can now be arranged.