Sting, Robert De Niro petition to save an Iranian woman from being stoned

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Sting playing in Morocco

Sakineh Ashtiani, an Iranian mother-of-two, was sentenced to death by stoning, for alleged adultery, by the Iranian government back in 2007, according to the dictates of Sharia law. Widespread media attention this year has led to protests and a burgeoning movement to save this woman.
Following the outcry, Ashtiani's execution was suspended back in September. And some new high-profile names have now joined the fray.
Sting (who you would expect), Robert Redford, and Robert De Niro have all signed an open letter to Iran's scarily-named Supreme Leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei and President Mahmoud "Holocaust? What Holocaust?" Ahmadinejad, that calls for the release of Ms. Ashtiani, as well as her son and her lawyer, from incarceration. The letter was published on the front page of The Times of London.
Other signatories include Mia Farrow and Juliette Binoche. If they can get Madonna onboard, that just might be the straw that brings down the Islamic dromedary.