Straight man rejected at blood bank because he “appeared gay”

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red blood cells

When Aaron Pace went to donate blood, he didn't expect his sexuality to come under scrutiny. After undergoing the typical interview and screening procedures, the twenty-two-year-old heterosexual man was turned away from his local Gary, Indiana blood bank for "appearing gay." Bio-Blood Components Inc., the donation center in question, is staying mute about the matter and since there is such a broad spectrum of homosexuality (or really, any sexuality), we can't quite speculate what it was about Pace's appearance or behavior that set off their poorly tuned gaydar and led to the humiliating ordeal.

Technically it's perfectly legal for blood banks to turn away gays (who actually are gay) the FDA policy, enacted in 1983, makes it okay to discriminate for fear of HIV. The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services had the opportunity to overturn it last year, but opted not to, so we might be hearing a lot more stories like Pace's well into the future.