Study: Americans are less opposed to gay and reproductive rights than ever before

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Congrats, America! You're less reactionary than ever before. According to a new study by the Pew Research Center, more Americans support gay marriage and legalized abortion now than in years past (which is good news, considering the last time I checked, abortion is legal). Way back in 1996, sixty-five percent of those surveyed opposed gay marriage; today, only forty-six percent oppose it.  What a difference fifteen years make. The numbers in support of it have also gone up from just last year too, from forty-two to forty-five percent.

The biggest shift has come from independents, who have become increasingly progressive in their views. According to the study:

Independents have become more supportive of both gay marriage and legal abortion since 2009. Roughly half of independents (fifty-one percent) now favor same-sex marriage, up from thirty-seven percent in 2009. And fifty-eight percent of independents say that abortion should be legal in all or most cases, compared with forty-seven percent in Pew Research Center surveys two years ago.

Now if only we could elect officials who feel the same way, especially now that Congress is busily trying to restrict reproductive rights and cutting funding for Planned Parenthood and, most likely, will fight for the Defense of Marriage Act.