Study: hot people are smarter, better than you

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Um, thanks science, for telling me something I already knew: attractive people are more awesome at most things, including being smart. A new study released by the London School of Economics surveying 15,000 Britons concluded that attractive men and women tended to have higher IQs than their less aesthetically blessed counterparts — men averaged 13.6 points above the norm while women were about 11.4 points higher. Lest you begin protesting that this must have something to do with social class, LSE researcher Satoshi Kanazawa states, ''Physical attractiveness is significantly positively associated with general intelligence, both with and without controls for social class, body size, and health."

Yes, intelligence is a social construct, as is our current version of physical attractiveness, but it is interesting that they're intersecting in a positively correlated way. Another study did find positive correlation between intelligence and social class when working- and middle-class girls were compared. Though this finding can be more easily construed as a result of educational opportunities.

But intelligent hotness isn't always indicative of a person who's awesome to be around. One of the editors here at Nerve contends that attractive people can be warped individuals, spoiled by years of endless compliments. I don't agree. I just want everything for free. And you have to be nice to me.